Let’s Make Some Stuff Out of Aloe Vera



We have way too much aloe vera in this house. It’s great for when we’re sunburnt, but honestly, we’re not baking out in the sun. I’m not confident enough to consume it in any fashion yet as there are health and medication issues I need to look at as well as the yellow ‘aloin’ layer that’s very very not good for you.
Other than that, I have some empty jars and bottles, so I thought, hey, the aloe’s spread to three full pots now I might as well use the damn thing.



So, like everything I try to represent here, I’m going on the more scientific and confirmed benefits of aloe vera. Of course better evidence for and against things might come along, I might get it wrong, so I’ll try to present it as accurately as I can.
Let’s do a little class lesson!


There’s still limited evidence on the benefits of aloe vera – both ingested and topically – but is mostly used (in the topical sense) for:




So with all this, I’m going to make some simple products using a base of fresh aloe vera goop and water, then adding different things for different… things.

  1. Cut an inch away from the root (or snap it off if you can but it’s stabby, so).
  2. Cut from another inch from where you cut (1.5-2 inches if you snapped it off). This is to get rid of the yellow latex that will ooze out
  3. Slice down the sides to remove the spines, then cut one side of the rind and ‘fillet’ the gel. It’s going to look and feel like snot. I’m sorry.
  4. I gave the aloe a rinse then had a check for any of the green rind leftover and just cut it out.



See that yellow liquid? That’s the yellow latex, you don’t want that. Make sure when washing your equipment afterwards you give it a really good clean.



After a wash, I noticed just a slither of the rind so I snipped it off.


Aloe Spray


Aloe gel goop

As this will be used as a relief spray, I am keeping it simple as anything else isn’t needed – and some could minimise relief. Much more water will be in this because it needs to be thin enough consistency to spray.
For reference, this 125ml spray bottle only needed about 1/3 of aloe and the rest with water, enough space left up the top to give it a good shake.




Aloe gel goop
Vitamin E
(optional) Jojoba oil

Thinking about that study I linked to above, I wanted to add a bit more hydration and calming elements. I have vitamin e, jojoba oil and some stuff you might remember me talking about eons ago, so I’ll pop those in (maybe omit the thicker products to use for a night cream). This time, I’m using only a bit of water just to smooth out the consistency enough to incorporate everything well and that when I use it it isn’t so thick.

The picture above is with all three ingredients shaken up in the bottle I’m reusing, which had a bit of the old moisturiser in the bottom. It felt really nice, so if you do have vitamin e and jojoba just lying around and you wanted to try this, I really recommend putting it in.


Body Scrub


Aloe gel goop
I’m not adding oil to this because that shit clogs drains so quickly.

By hell, this was the most frustrating to make, all because I had way too much aloe for the amount of dry ingredients I had.
So, learning from my mistake, I would say to add your sugar and oats together (a cup of sugar to a half a cup of oats should be good to start then add a tablespoon of aloe as you go until you get the desired consistency. If you want more sugar, add more scrub. If you want it thicker, put some more oats in a cup and add a splash of water until you get that congealed oat consistency then add it to your mix.


Oats with some water to make it milky and start to thicken. I added more oats and gave it another mix before adding it to the scrub.

Now I haven’t used this scrub yet but in a few hours I will be doing an all-over scrub so I’ll amend this later.

This scrub is okay but for the love of GOD make those oats smaller either by mortar and pestle or blending/processing it as you will have oats everywhere in your tub or shower and it makes a mess and will clog your drains.


Aloe shot (for conditioner)

Aloe gel goop

This will be an added little shot being added to the conditioner so it doesn’t need anything, just a bit of water, again, to smooth out the consistency, but not as much as the spray because I want to keep the thickness of the conditioner as it is.
For about 450-500mls I had left in my conditioner, I added about 2-3 heaped tablespoons of aloe to it. I would add more however at this point I was so sick of handling slimy, snotty aloe I wanted it over and done with.



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