YouTubers That Are Helping Me Escape


I’m finding it really hard to concentrate on almost everything these days. I can’t focus on a movie and I’ve found myself eyeing tv episode run times and if I can either squeeze in an episode of one of the 1000 things I want to watch, or if it’ll turn into background music as I start looking at something on my phone… or you know, disassociate.

I’ve started to rely on YouTube content more than ever. The videos are shorter and sometimes that small shot of something is more entertaining than having to try to concentrate for 50 minutes. I know, the attention span of a gnat.


So when my brain is stupid-tired or even if I need something to zone out to, these are the three channels The Evil Assistant and I go to (if we agree on something, we cherish it).



Juno Birch

It was love at first sight when I first saw Juno Birch, a beautiful blue alien woman. I loved everything about her in an instant that I thought, maybe, I didn’t realise that all this time I’ve long-harboured a love for the 50s/60s throwback science fiction look and didn’t know it until now.
Juno is a gorgeous (stOONiiiiing?) and hilarious performer best known on YouTube for her Sims 2 and 4 videos which. Now, I usually don’t find it entertaining watching people play Sims but I love Juno’s videos. I’ve watched them all countless times and find myself relaxed and laughing every time. I even get excited seeing she’s uploaded (The Evil Assistant and I have an agreement that we have to watch it together, so usually I’m waiting all day. First World Problems, etc).

I think what I truly love about Juno is everything is beautiful in it’s own way, that if she saw me roll out of bed, looking like hell, put on lipstick in the dark and forget to wax my lip for two months, she’ll actually convince me I look incredible. I love her.




Buzzfeed Unsolved


I don’t think Unsolved needs any introduction or explanation as each episode delivers millions of views, but it’s wild how many times we both watch the episodes individually and together and have our favourite episodes, including Goatman’s Bridge, which is I think is one of everyone’s favourites.

Even though on paper, both Ryan and Shane should annoy the shit out of me – one being a staunch believer in almost everything supernatural and the other a skeptic convinced it’s all horseshit – they both work so well together and I honestly love their dynamic. It’s so easy to watch them.



Modest Pelican

The fellow Australian narrates his gaming videos with the most articulate pronunciation I’ve ever heard an Aussie use, combined with at least four “malakas” in every video; a word I rarely hear outside of my own family.
Between the intro that The Evil Assistant knows off-by-heart and the Greek “wanker” usage, Peli combines sarcasm, gentle gamer-on-gamer homicide and comedy in a way that isn’t tiring, annoying or over-the-top.
Want to know how easy it is to watch his videos? I go to watch a new one or pop an old one I haven’t seen on and an hour has gone by with us watching videos. Easy. I don’t know where all the time has gone, but I enjoy watching a fellow RDR2/Hitman/GTA fan – this one just happens to be a pelican.




Kiwami Japan


How do I convey the whole aura of this channel? Sure, it looks like a quiet, visually-impressive channel about a guy who makes amazing knives out of unique things, but I’ve found myself suddenly scared a zucchini is going to pop out of somewhere or that I wake up and my home is going to be full of different sized cow jugs.
Don’t let that steer you away, though. The genius of making a knife out of salt water (the video above) is just incredible. It’s not only the chemistry but the craftsmanship and, boy, do I want all those knives.
BOOM! Suddenly I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole of knife making where the first half of the video I’m confused but lulled by the mostly-silent video, then in the second half come the whetstones, zucchinis, hand-shaking… just watch and you’ll get what I mean.



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