The Battle of the Wing Stamps!



Hey everyone, welcome back! Hope you’re all doing well and are ready for what could be a long post looking at different stamp liners I was able to get my hands on. Many of the stamps from the US don’t sell to Australia and some others made the price ridiculous (shipping and conversion). Anything that expensive should be doing my dishes.

Originally I was going to review six items, with three being point and slanted liner pens, but I think today we’ll stick to liners that actually have a stamp. Simple? Well, we’ll see about that.


So we have three liners, MCoBeauty Winged Liner 2-in-1, The Quick Flick stamp and Thin Lizzy Perfect Winged Liner.

MCoBeauty cheapest at $16AUD and only comes in black and one size which estimated against the other two seems to be the same, 10 mm. I bought this at Woolworths however they do have a website and they ship worldwide.
The second is Thin Lizzy which is $20AUD. It actually looks identical to MCo’s at first glance.
The next one is The Quick Flick which comes in a few colours and sizes, so I decided to get something different, a chocolate shade called Hot Fudge. The size is 10mm like the others and has a stamp and liner pen for each side of the lid (this and Thin Lizzy each had three different sizes). The other reason I went for the 10mm is that I didn’t know which one would suit my eyes. It’s cost is $35AUD and also ships worldwide.



From top left to bottom: MCo, Thin Lizzy and Quick Flick. The crackled look only happened on my hands not on my face.


First I did a quick comparison I did on paper and, for some reason, I felt so apprehensive pressing them onto the paper because I thought it was going to be really wet, so this is actually with the lightest stamps and swiping which is very good to know.




Before we get too into comparisons let’s look at them individually first off, starting with the MCoBeauty stamp. Lining up the outer edge with where I wanted it to go I stamped in on. While having hooded lids did make some liner move it actually dried pretty quickly so I didn’t have to clean up too much with a cotton bud.

My first estimate didn’t go well but it up by moving the stamp higher and making a bolder look. Again, any little mistakes I cleaned up with a cotton bud.
This stamp is a fraction thinner than the others – and with my lids I had to make it a bit thicker.

The eyeliner’s felt tip does bend, which I know a lot of people like but I don’t as I like mine a bit stiffer for more accuracy, but that’s down to more personal taste.

It washes off easily so an eye primer underneath would give it staying power if you think you might need it, but otherwise it helps a lot when it’s the end of the day or night and you just want it off ASAP.



For $16 I think this is a really great price and takes a lot of the hassle out of attempting a perfect winged liner, especially if you can’t do it in ten seconds like some superhumans out there.
If I was reviewing this product by itself I would recommend it.



Look!!! I know my pics suck but I can’t do much about it just look at the stampy please!!


Next is the Thin Lizzy. When I stamped this on I immediately got a phone call and was on the line for 15 minutes, so when I hung up and checked what I stamped the lines were crisp and no lid bleeding which was great. The black is nice, opaque and bold.




I really like the liner part as it is a little stiffer than the MCo one and gives me more control and my lines less shaky.
It has a bit more staying power than the MCo so makeup remover will be needed for easier cleaning.

For $20 you can get choose between three sizes and get a great product. Like the MCo, if I was reviewing this product by itself I would recommend it.



The Quick Flick thought really confused me when I first put it on. Like I said above I got the Hot Fudge, a chocolate brown. As it’s a curve stamp you do have to really figure out where you stamp before actually doing it (again with that, you can quickly clean up any mistakes). I stamped both eyes and the colour was a bit lighter, I’m fine with that because I just wanted a brown that was visibly brown. However I go to line and the liner is…. black?



A shitty picture for example.


I was surprised. Is there really a black liner with a brown stamp? It can’t be, my eyes are deceiving me. No, it was darker.

I did test swipes on my hard. Hmm.. no, this is darker. I scribbled on my hand… it’s actually a very dark chocolate brown.




Confused, I stamped over my initial stamps on my hand and the stamp does get darker, but… who’s going to do that over and over on their eye to match it up with the liner?

I went over the packaging. The little postcard first… it’s oil-based… okay.. then the packaging.

I needed to shake before use. Was that the reason my stamp went weird? It said to store it horizontally for even ink flow – which I already did since purchasing it…

So, or you, for science, I wiped my eyes (this one does say you need an oil-based makeup remover to remove it) and with as much accuracy I can muster in a late afternoon I shook the pens then carefully stamped over my new stamps on my left eye and left it as one on my right.




The triple stamped one was closer to matching the liner now. I mean, this is all minimal at this point, but the difference can give a ‘fading’ vibe. Also, the liner is so dark, now my wing, that it’s pretty much black. I didn’t pay for black though, I paid specifically for brown, so I was really disappointed in that.




Aside from those issues, I did like that this one is curved so it clicks upwards. The liner tip is very much like the MCo one that bends a bit too much for my liking.

This doesn’t budge. I have been rubbing the liner and stamps on my hand, lads, she isn’t going anywhere unless I force her to.
I also have the initial stamp on my hand – albeit very faded – that I did three days ago, so that should say something about its lasting power. After the scribbles, lines and stamps I did on my hand I noticed that even after buffing micellar pretty much into my hand there were still remnants of it, which reminded me of a henna tattoo, however it’s much easier to remove off the eye with the same micellar and leaves no stain.




For $35 I think if I bought and reviewed the black version that has the lasting power it does I would be pretty happy, however I would be still salty that the brown isn’t a noticeable brown and maybe forgive the softer felt tip. With all that I would still recommend it.



Rinse test after 20-30 minutes of wear.


Now for the comparisons. So it isn’t just a block of text, I’ll bullet-point and quickly summarise the points of each category you might be interested in.


Things in common:

  • All the same size stamp available.
  • All have black.
  • All the pens are the same size.
  • Have similar if not the same ingredients when it comes to copolymers, etc.
  • Tying into above, none have any ingredients to cause any concern, however as usual, if you think you are sensitive to something, check the ingredients.


Sizes and Colours Available

  • MCo has only 10mm and black
  • Thin Lizzy has 8mm, 10mm and 12mm and only black
  • Quick Flick has 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and “To The Point”, has multiple colours, some limited editions


Stamp Application

All were easy to use, however I think a size up would have been better for my eyes. It does take a moment to get placement right but as it’s a brand new tool, it comes with the territory.



I didn’t wear each for longer than an 45 minutes but had no irritations in that time.


Lasting Times (with swiping and rubbing)

MCo’s lasted the shortest amount of time, followed by Thin Lizzy then Quick Flick.



  • MCo came off the fastest.
  • Thin Lizzy did smudge bit with water but came off completely with micellar.
  • Quick Flick didn’t really budge with water unless submerged and rubbing, but still a lot remained. Came off completely with micellar.


Cruelty-Free & Other Status


Additional Stuff

  • My Thin Lizzy pen is made in Taiwan. MCo and Quick Flick have no mention on the packaging or their site where they’re made.



Alright, with aaaaall that to consider, do I have a stand out one to throw at you and tell you it’s the best?








All three have great things in their favour as well things that each individual person might not like, so I can only give you what I recommend each for with maaaaybe the one I would try out more than the others at the end. Maybe. Who knows until I get down there and write it.


The MCo Beauty pen is a great price and a great product for anyone to try, especially if that price is winning you over and you want to try something new that will give you a good result.

The Thin Lizzy pen is only a few dollars more and gives a great, bold black with a firmer felt tip and options on size.

The Quick Flick is for anyone who wants to try a variety of colours and wants long-lasting wings, as well as different sizes, all coming with a uniquely-designed curved flick.


When it comes to my personal preferences, I can see myself practising the most with the MCo one, then using the Thin Lizzy one for every day, keeping the Quick Flick one for longer days/nights or when I need to to stay for a long time.





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