Whyyyyyyyy??!: Beauty Products I Regret Buying, Again

We haven’t done one of these in a while!

I have reviewed quite a few things since our first (and last) one of these, but I thought I’d look at ones I maybe mentioned on social media or briefly at some point. I actually went all through my makeup because of the whole moving thing and have picked up some items that are still fairly new

Disclaimer fun time: This post isn’t to shame or generally be an asshole to any company, only simply to talk about a specific product I paid for that didn’t live up to expectations, be it effectiveness or performance. All of these products for one reason or another could not be refunded, in case you’re wondering why I simply didn’t return them.
All these products have been used by me unless stated (e.g. The Evil Assistant’s input) and after numerous applications, so testing opinions could have changed from first impressions.

L’Oreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer

Knowing full-well that I’ve had both the Base Magique and Studio Secrets (now called Magic Perfecting Base) I decided it was down to one to keep and one to chuck, and Magique was cut.
You might be thinking they’re the exact same and to be honest, so was I, but I realised that sometimes I wouldn’t get a nice base and instead got balling up of the product that did look like pilling, and sure enough when I compared both on my hand, the Magique was the one that did it while Studio Secrets didn’t change consistensy.
Also, to get the desired effect, I would have to be the perfect amount on; too much and while it blurred pores and lines, it was too think (also pilling), too little and it didn’t really look like it did anything, except make my face a tiny bit smoother.

Revlon Mega Multiplier mascara

I don’t know what happened. I initially liked this mascara, especially the brush, but after the first two times I noticed my eyes felt itchy and anymore than two strokes of the brush against lashes made it clump all of a sudden. The latter could possibly be a random occurrence, but having to refrain from scratching at my eyes like there’s bees inside of them made me instantly regret it.

Both Essence Prime & Last Daily Diaries powder and Beauty Angels Colour Correcting primer

I was reluctant to put these Essence products in this list because they are very affordable products and also seasonal but I remember purchasing the whole little set together and was so disappointed at each one, so they get mentioned.
The primer doesn’t do anything other than a bit of the smoothing feeling similar to the Magique, although it doesn’t pill. It actually doesn’t really do anything; no correcting, no difference under makeup. Nothing.
The loose powder says it’s “illuminating” and while there is a slight illuminating factor when I swiped it on the back of my hand, no one is going to put powder on their face like that. It’s also accurate at being a sheer powder, however, if you have even a tiny bit of dry skin anywhere, it’ll emphasise that very nicely.

The Jojoba Company’s Travel Essentials Kit

I’m so glad I didn’t pay the full price of $30 for this kit otherwise I’d be pretty pissed off disappointed.
I’ve wanted to get into jojoba for a long time now and have only used some products with a bit of it included in other products, so I thought I’d go with a company that is all about jojoba – and a bonus of being an Australian company- The Jojoba Company.
My first issue was I think when it comes to 100% just jojoba, my skin doesn’t absorb much of it; most of it just sits on my face which was disappointing, but its composition makes it like a barrier oil and it’s also a wax ester like carnauba, candelilla and beeswax, and if you’ve used anything where that’s the star ingredient, you’ll know it can sit on the face and act like a barrier.
So, I’m staying neutral on the 100% oil because that’s a person-by-person thing and for this person, it’s not the best way to get jojoba oil. That’s fine.
The bead cleanser, day and night cream were actually very good when it came to hydration. The ingredients worked well with the jojoba and I saw the benefits finally, but… oh man, I hated – actually shuddered – at the scents.
Holy shit, everything except the 100% oil had these natural but god-awful scents. Even the Assistant would go past my bathroom and ask what the hell I sprayed (the mist). I couldn’t put the night cream on anytime before bed because all I’d smell was the cream and I just stopped using it altogether, along with the mist. I continued with the cleanser because it wasn’t on for too long and I could slap something over the smell and the day cream wasn’t too bad actually. Now, none of these gave me a reaction, but it was the smell that I couldn’t stand and was close to migraine-inducing territory, and ultimately couldn’t continue using some of the products.

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