Future Makeup Predictions for The End Times, Part 2

Just checking my watch now and, yep, still in the middle of a global pandemic with inequality and corruption at every turn!
Okay that was really nihilistic of me, but now is where I segue this statement about the state of affairs in 2020 to how we reflect what is going on in our lives through our clothes, hair, and – surprise! – makeup.

In today’s post, we’re finishing our predictions of what makeup trends we might see in the near future…

Bleached/Dyed Brows Gone All-Out

Nothing too knew here; there’s brands leaning into coloured-brow products for a while now and dark eyebrows with lighter hair has been around even longer, but bleached and coloured brows could become more mainstream. Singular colour, two-tone, mismatched!

Mismatched Makeup/Shadow

Emi Kaneko

Speaking of mismatched, what about mis-matched eye makeup? We have two-tone lips that were very popular, especially in Korea. We’re getting more and more accepting in our outward expression, and keeping things ‘uneven’ or ‘mismatched’ is something that hasn’t been explored fully.

Chrome, Foil and Thermal Makeup

Oh man I love thermal-effects! A more dramatic version of the highlighting that is mainstream now, thermal is a step into something truly different and beautiful with punch.

Less dramatic looks could be going with the cyberpunk, futuristic tried-n-true look of steel or chrome that resemble metal bodies and buildings; warming up with golden metals or cool foil to resemble the ‘cold steel’ look of dystopian books and movies.

Naked skin/Embracing Blemishes


Look I know that these pics are makeup, but why can’t flushed skin (hi, rosacea, you bitch), red, darker eye area be shown in their natural state? It seems like we can make ourselves look flushed but still a weirdness around showing natural skin, whether it’s showcasing imperfections or literally anything on the skin that isn’t classified as “smooth and flawless”.

I did try to find a good stack of faces with whatever fun makeup they are showing who just so happen to have imperfections they’re proud of but, honestly, it was a hard task.

If I find any of just anyone with their usual makeup who just so happen to show their imperfections through, I’ll link here.

War Paint ala The Greats

Hey, it’s the endtimes, and endtimes means going Winter Soldier/Pris/Invisigoth in this V For Vendetta, Blade Runner simulation we’re all pulling off perfectly. Identical to a traditional smokey eye, this look stays with usually one, opaque black colour acting like a mask.

The idea is something quickly smudged on to distort that area of the face, which you wouldn’t think it would but actually does in a way (doing the same thing to the bottom half of the face does as well). The more you colour, the more effective it is.

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