The Best Leave-In You Probably Can’t Buy

Going through and packing things up for The Move has produced some really good treasures. In particular, I found some hair products that I hadn’t tried yet – good timing too because I’m low on treatments!
So I decided to go through some things instead of buying something else, so a few days ago I lucky-dipped into my leave-in treatments I still had to use and picked the Phyto Huile Soyuse Lightweight Hydrating oil for fine and dry hair.

I immediately fell in love. I have used it once.

You know I do like experimenting and trying things for a couple of times before I even give a first impression, so this is very uncharacteristic of me but it shows how I truly feel towards this leave-in.

The white of the packaging isn’t actually the packaging, that’s actually the product; what I can only assume is the mixture of oils (calendula, rosemary, etc) that have either been agitated or something else has been added in formulation to keep it in this kind-of foamy, kind-of liquid oily state that is really hard to describe but the nozzle is a small one used for sprays… if that helps clear anything up.

What is deposited is a very light, non-messy product that you then apply to your hair like you would with any leave-in treatment. Apparently this can be used before and/or after blow-drying, however I can’t vouch for the blow-drying stuff because I didn’t do that.

What I can tell you is how I used it and how it felt.
Like all my leave-ins, I applied this after having my hair up in a towel for around 5 minutes so my it’s damp, not wet. Two pumps, put in hair then left my hair to air-dry. I noticed after putting it in that there was the faintest of smells (glaring at you, Goji Angel Potion) and left no residue that I had to wash off my hands (again, glaring at you, Goji Angel Potion).

Now I leave my hair to air-dry as I said and usually an hour or two later is when I gently comb my hair (depending on the weather, it’s between 70-99% dry). Why do I leave it this long? I don’t like combing my bleached, porous hair when it’s wet and I find my hair is in better shape the longer I leave it to dry then brush.
When I went to comb it went right through my hair like nothing. Not a tangle or static or clinging, nothing. “Elle, it probably has silicone in it.” Okay but it doesn’t. And! I’ve used leave-ins with silicone and other smoothers and it wasn’t anything like this. Also my hair didn’t feel heavy, it actually felt light. And when it was completely dry and I brushed my hair? OH. Again, brush went effortlessly through. My hair was shiny and looked smooth but wasn’t weighted down where I look like Aileen Wuornos. I was so shocked, I couldn’t stop brushing my hair. I’d go and do something and I’d just run my fingers through it. It felt amazing.

So, I’m telling you about this product I’ve instantly fallen in love with, but what’s the catch?

You might not be able to buy it.

It seems that the product is in a sort of limbo between not being available but… available in some places. I couldn’t find it on the Phyto official site, but could find it on Amazon, and some other sites here in Oz, as well as on their social media like Pinterest. It could be slowly phasing out but I’m not sure: I couldn’t find it on any discontinued lists or any news that it was discontinued, so if anyone from Phyto can give me any info to pop here about the official status, let me know.

All I can say is if you have dry and fine hair and happen to stumble upon the leave-in oil through a reputable source, I wholeheartedly, 100% urge you to try it and give it a go. You will how sub-par a lot of other leave-ins you might have used are and how one product can really make your hair look amazing.

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