We’ll be away for two weeks starting next week. Even though we won’t be posting new content in that time we will be posting to social media, mostly Instagram and Twitter because Facebook is mostly garbage and I have issues with it on my phone.


Please look after yourselves out there! Continue washing your hands, distancing, wearing a mask, tearing down statues of racists which I don’t condone in any way, be nice to each other.

I Love This Game that No One’s Playing



Picture this: you – a 1970s private investigator – have been sent to the fuck-all nowhere town, which is midst of a ball-shattering Canadian blizzard. Not a person in sight, not even the dude who hired you, yet you always feel like you’re being watched. Between the weather and fight to stay alive, you have to figure out the clues as to what the hell is happening around this town and why exactly you’ve been sent. Full of clues and supernatural elements, you along with your journal and busted car have to find your way around a weird little deserted town that will keep you guessing.

That’s Kona.


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I’m Hungry, Let’s Make Damper



Today, my dudes, we’re going to do some eatin’, and what better way to do that than through simple carbs. My mum’s going to hate this (love you, ma!).

I was thinking about something simple and easy that can be made by anyone, especially since we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. Enter the iconic Australian damper!

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After spending a few days watching the news and reading people’s accounts online, I’ve postponed our next post.

I understand that many people feel they need the distraction, even if it’s for a few minutes, but I don’t feel comfortable right now in doing that.
I’ll continue working on the two posts I had planned and in the mean time, if you can’t donate to BLM you can play the video above (just go incognito or turn off adblockers) and You Tube will donate the ad revenue on your behalf to these BLM organisations.

Black Lives Matter.


They’ve always mattered. We support black people here in Australia, across the US, everywhere.

Prejudice and racism of black people and the police brutality against them have to be a thing of the past.

You can donate to BLM as they urgently need funds. If you live here in Australia, I’m sorry but I haven’t found anything to help nor any recent fundraisers from families who need support, but if I find any I’ll amend this.

Dangerous Beauty! Part 1

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but damn do we do anything to come off as beautiful. This isn’t a new statement or mindblowing revelation, it’s as old as our great ancestors who would do anything to bang and pop out kids.

Bless humans, we are so, so simple. Something new or talked about swirls in the air, and we’ll try it… even if we people who are selling really don’t know what they’re giving out.

This will be the first post in the series of dangerous beauty products and practices throughout history (and sometimes, not so much history as ‘literally today’). From corneas falling out to burns to poisons to becoming radioactive, we’ll look at the secretly deadly and insane ways we’ve made ourselves beautiful.
This post is very short but next month or so I hope to have the next part out.


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