Hey guys!

Just a quick update in case you don’t follow us on Twitter or other social media; we’ve been waiting on permissions pertaining to a video we’ve made, so hopefully soon when we get the thumbs up we can show it to you!

Since we aren’t sure when we’ll be getting a response, I am making a new post that will hopefully be up by the end of today or, latest, tomorrow morning.


❤️ L & The Evil Assistant

Sweet & Savoury Chickpeas That Everyone Will Love, Damnit


Chickpeas can be such a divisive little legume, you either like it or hate it. Even when you like it, you might only like it one certain way (roasted) and not another (garlic and caramalised onion hummus).
For me, I actually really like roasted chickpeas, but only a few at a time so it doesn’t turn into dry, thick paste in my mouth. I also love garlic hummus but not that fond of plain hummus.

However, today I thought I’d give you a sweet and savory option if you want to give chickpeas another go, or want to scoff down a quick and easy snack.


For the sweet option I’m going to do just a simple maple syrup and for savory we’re going to get friendly with some seasonings. The great thing about both of these are that they are easily customisable, so if you want spices and a little heat, you can easily do that, or if you’re more into a honey-maply concoction, that’s super easy too.

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Hey guys,
I was getting a new post ready for you, however, I’ve received some news about an overseas friend that passed away yesterday so I’m just taking a few days to get my head together, but we’ll be back soon.


L xoxoxo

Happy Holidays!



Hey, guys! We just wanted to wish you a great break and hope you all have a happy holiday season! We’re going on our holiday break where I hope to stick to a healthy diet of sausages and pavlova.

While we’re gone we hope to be fixing some things around here, so to keep updated, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Thank you again for stopping by our little corner of the internet and we’ll see you in 2019!

Changing It Up!



For the past few days, I’ve been working on a new series to do on this site called Brand Spotlight where every month (funds pending) I’m going to shine the spotlight on a certain cosmetics or skincare brand by picking a mix of best sellers, top rated and random products to look at and review.
I’ve wanted to do this for so long but we just had Click Frenzy here in Australia (similar to a very limited Black Friday kind of shtick) and was starting a massive post on the first brand of the series. However, I’m nowhere near halfway and it’s over 2000 words, so I’ve actually been thinking,


Maybe we should go audio?
I’ve actually been thinking about this more and more over the past day and I think such an inevitably long post like this one might be a great candidate. I can still post pictures so you can listen and follow along, or even just have it as background noise if you’re in your room, around the house, and -lucky you- you get to hear my voice.

Obviously, though I hate my voice and I’ll be sharing it with you, something you don’t want and absolutely didn’t ask for, but if we decide this was a terrible idea, we can just laugh about it for a maximum of two seconds then never talk about it ever again.

Thanks to my living environment, I hope to be recording the whole episode tomorrow and it will be ready for your ears this weekend!