Hello and Important!

How time flies!

Trust me, it has been anything but smooth sailing around here, let alone having to think about trying to acquire toilet paper, but we’re halfway through March and we haven’t even updated.

Both The Evil Assistant and I have had a lot of things happen in our private lives since Christmas that has, unfortunately, had to put the site to the back of the fridge, but it has given me time to think about what I want from this place going forward.

I enjoy ranting and possibly educating you with this blog of mine; I’ve been wanting to come on and talk about stuff, mostly beauty products right now, however, I never do a post half-assed and it does take research and a few days to get a post live, while at the same time trying to weight the time I do (usually don’t) have as well as the fact I pay for everything on this site -including the domain, etc., with no affiliations, sponsorships and the like.

So while we will be coming back in the coming days, I want to have a clear decision about the direction of the site by the end of the year as I’m still weighing up different options.
With that said we have been thinking about getting a Ko-Fi account or something where you can leave a little tip if you like our stuff and that will help us immensely with reviewing products and paying site fees.

Of course this wouldn’t be a blog post in 2020 without nudging you to our socials (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr), but I also want to thank you for stopping by and reading as I yell out into the world; it really gives me the motivation to spend more time devoted to this and think of things to show you.

With that we’ll see you soon, take care of yourself, don’t be a dick and go to clubs, play some Monopoly, learn guitar, and we’ll see you soon!

A Surprise Update!

Hey guys, bet you weren’t expecting an update, I wasn’t expecting to make one!

So I was going through some housekeeping around here; getting ready for behind-the-scenes fixing, blah blah, and I found our blog admin page and the blogs email have been .. let’s say – in scientific terms – it’s been fucking up, and I didn’t realise it hasn’t shown comments or pingbacks from the past two. years.

I have been spending the day going through them, so if you’ve sent comments and been waiting for replies or pingbacks to work, I’m so sorry! A few are old and about our old site optimisation but if there’s anything you need answered, just comment with “bump” on the post you want your comment replied to. Any site layout things are one of the points we’ll be playing with over the break.

Thank you guys for being so cool with us and following us! We love you guys a lot!

Let’s limp into 2020 by Saying Goodbye to Half-Dead 2019!




It’s been a damn doozy of a year, hasn’t it? What’re some of the stuff we’ve done around here? Well…
This year we made a lot of food, starting with sweet and savoury chickpeas to snack on and our personal favourite around here, Feta Me Meli for some sweet and crispy feta goodness. We also kept the sweet treat train going with three-ingredient mousse and apple galettes. Look I’m not one to toot my own horn but TOOT-DAMN-TOOT these apple galettes are so damn good, especially with maple. But let’s not forget Halloween month where we worked with apples again and made black caramel apples then a spooky platter with sweet, salty and savoury to enjoy before topping it off with some Bat Outta Meatloaf.


Speaking of Halloween, we also did some fancy nail effects- reptilian, dragonlike scale claw nails and branded/scorched ‘cross’ nails. I also shared some of the US-based places I’d love to go to for Halloween!


We also started a YouTube channel of the highest quality! It included a little summer makeup chuck, kit or keep and reviews of Sephora’s Gimme Some Lip pack and a Brand Spotlight of FLOWER Beauty. Not only did we do another review, this time for NARS lipstick pencils, but we also listed some realistic ways to take some years off (if you so feel the need to) and just posted a simple skincare routine.


Yes, I also had to share my love of Marvel by reviewing Sephora’s awesome brushes and giving some [read: ranting] theories on who would live vs die in Avengers: Endgame – and some I was actually right about!

Finally, I nudged you to try to use Pinterest’s secret boards and cooed over the Peace Island game, which is where I got the cute postcards from above!




One of our last posts this year was to give you some tips in summer blackouts, but really for any blackouts. Unfortunately, I was editing the post just as we were devastated by fires here in eastern Australia. The toll on every part of life here has been affected, including animals and their homes. You might have heard how Lewis the koala had to be put down because of his burns along with half of the koala population in Port Macquarie have died and 80% of their habitat destroyed. While they aren’t “functionally extinct” yet, as previously stated, they do need our help and a great way you can bring awareness or donate is to the Australian Koala Foundation, the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie and Koalas In Care.


This is the last from us for 2019! We’ll be back in January 2020 with some new stuff, so for any updates and ramblings, follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Stay safe, eat well and we’ll see you in 2020!

Hey everyone!

Next post was supposed to be up today, however thanks to Mac’s stupid fucking Catalina update, I’ve been fighting with the computer since I woke up. I hope to have new content up in a few days!



Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know I’ve actually been looking after The Assistant lately as she hasn’t been in good health, but we hope to be back very soon with some posts for you!

Hope you’re all doing tubular,


Hey guys!

Just a quick update in case you don’t follow us on Twitter or other social media; we’ve been waiting on permissions pertaining to a video we’ve made, so hopefully soon when we get the thumbs up we can show it to you!

Since we aren’t sure when we’ll be getting a response, I am making a new post that will hopefully be up by the end of today or, latest, tomorrow morning.


❤️ L & The Evil Assistant