Changing It Up!



For the past few days, I’ve been working on a new series to do on this site called Brand Spotlight where every month (funds pending) I’m going to shine the spotlight on a certain cosmetics or skincare brand by picking a mix of best sellers, top rated and random products to look at and review.
I’ve wanted to do this for so long but we just had Click Frenzy here in Australia (similar to a very limited Black Friday kind of shtick) and was starting a massive post on the first brand of the series. However, I’m nowhere near halfway and it’s over 2000 words, so I’ve actually been thinking,


Maybe we should go audio?
I’ve actually been thinking about this more and more over the past day and I think such an inevitably long post like this one might be a great candidate. I can still post pictures so you can listen and follow along, or even just have it as background noise if you’re in your room, around the house, and -lucky you- you get to hear my voice.

Obviously, though I hate my voice and I’ll be sharing it with you, something you don’t want and absolutely didn’t ask for, but if we decide this was a terrible idea, we can just laugh about it for a maximum of two seconds then never talk about it ever again.

Thanks to my living environment, I hope to be recording the whole episode tomorrow and it will be ready for your ears this weekend!

My 10 Favourite Apps

In my real life I get a lot of people asking me what apps to I like using or, mostly, what apps I use for my photography. Since I don’t actually like having lots of apps on my phone, I stay with Ole Faithfuls that I keep going back to.

So, for you today, I thought I’d show you what I use for photos, health and some fun!

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I just found out that my beloved cat is dying. She has a malignant tumour and the cancer sadly has spread.

I feel depressed and helpless, so I’ve been spending as much time as I can with her.

One thing that has made me happy and kept my mind in a better place is binge-watching some of Simon’s Cat. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s an animation drawn and ‘voiced’ by Simon Tofield, a life-long lover of cats (he owns multiple) who illustrates the little amusing antics and struggles of owning a cat, mainly through the main character, Simon’s Cat.

One of my favourite videos is actually the first colourised video, Off To The Vet. So relatable but pure and good, and definitely something I need right now.

Furry Little Prayers

Hey guys,

I want to thank you for your patience with me lately; I’ve been promising to post regularly and keep up-to-date with my social media yet something always seems to happen.

This time, it hasn’t really been about me or my human family, but my furry family. My Furry Partner In Crime (FPIC for short) is sick. Cancer sick. I’ve been crushed since being told and have had to adjust how I spend my time as I’ve had to look after her and feed her every few hours. Even though she is a clingy little asshole, she’s my little asshole, and my days are 99% of the time spent around her. She is always near me when I plan and write my posts, take the photos, retake the photos because she’s either in it or a clump of her fur blows into the shot.

It’s been a bit of a challenge to get into a routine, but I think we’re almost there so next week I can get back to something of normality for the site… maybe a better normality with some actual content!

So please keep her in your thoughts, please share if you’ve been through something similar with your furry ones, and thank you for coming to see us every day

Massive amounts of love,

L & FPIC 🐾

We’re Not Moving.. AGAIN!

Hey guys!

It’s been a time, let me tell you! As it says on the tin, we’re not moving again and while I am relieved we aren’t (two weeks down to going and we had no answer from the real estate!), I’m probably going to rant about some of the annoying things about renting. It might be more ~Australian rental issues~ but maybe you’ll enjoy it and identify with some of it.

Now to unpack all of my shit!

– L x