Hey guys, hope you’re all doing well out there!

Just wanted to let you know that tomorrow’s post might be a little late. I’m having issues with my computer’s wifi/network connections and it’s making it hard to research but we’ll keep you updated on the socials tomorrow.
Stay safe and warm!

Review: Cremorlab O2 Couture Kit

We’re not doing an fun intro because my internet/computer are acting like reeeeeeal douchebags so I gotta try to churn this full-fat milk out, so let’s look at Cremorlab’s O2 Couture Kit!

Cremorlab is a South Korean skincare brand that has the motto “A new classic in hydration”, so it makes sense to look at their hydration range – also because I’m as dry as unstirred natural peanut butter. Shut up, I know I’m reaching.


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Hello and Important!

How time flies!

Trust me, it has been anything but smooth sailing around here, let alone having to think about trying to acquire toilet paper, but we’re halfway through March and we haven’t even updated.

Both The Evil Assistant and I have had a lot of things happen in our private lives since Christmas that has, unfortunately, had to put the site to the back of the fridge, but it has given me time to think about what I want from this place going forward.

I enjoy ranting and possibly educating you with this blog of mine; I’ve been wanting to come on and talk about stuff, mostly beauty products right now, however, I never do a post half-assed and it does take research and a few days to get a post live, while at the same time trying to weight the time I do (usually don’t) have as well as the fact I pay for everything on this site -including the domain, etc., with no affiliations, sponsorships and the like.

So while we will be coming back in the coming days, I want to have a clear decision about the direction of the site by the end of the year as I’m still weighing up different options.
With that said we have been thinking about getting a Ko-Fi account or something where you can leave a little tip if you like our stuff and that will help us immensely with reviewing products and paying site fees.

Of course this wouldn’t be a blog post in 2020 without nudging you to our socials (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr), but I also want to thank you for stopping by and reading as I yell out into the world; it really gives me the motivation to spend more time devoted to this and think of things to show you.

With that we’ll see you soon, take care of yourself, don’t be a dick and go to clubs, play some Monopoly, learn guitar, and we’ll see you soon!

A Surprise Update!

Hey guys, bet you weren’t expecting an update, I wasn’t expecting to make one!

So I was going through some housekeeping around here; getting ready for behind-the-scenes fixing, blah blah, and I found our blog admin page and the blogs email have been .. let’s say – in scientific terms – it’s been fucking up, and I didn’t realise it hasn’t shown comments or pingbacks from the past two. years.

I have been spending the day going through them, so if you’ve sent comments and been waiting for replies or pingbacks to work, I’m so sorry! A few are old and about our old site optimisation but if there’s anything you need answered, just comment with “bump” on the post you want your comment replied to. Any site layout things are one of the points we’ll be playing with over the break.

Thank you guys for being so cool with us and following us! We love you guys a lot!